Holiday Break (Dec 30th - Jan 12th)

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We're happy to announce we are back from our break and fulfilling orders from the New Year period, and we apologise for any delays in our email communication and ordering over this period (Dec 30th - January 12th). It was a well deserved break for our team, and a good time to relax and ride our horses.

This year we hope to bring you some new products and we're working to improve our shipping and logistics to get bags around the world faster. To begin with, our options were to charge a lot more for our bags but have faster shipping or to offer them a lot less expensively but have to put up with third party shipping logistics.

After operating for over a year, we've certainly learned that a big majority of our customers are based around the Northern Hemisphere. We'll keep you all updated and if all goes well, there won't need to be price increases like we've been seeing in all our day to day costs.

Enjoy 2022, and don't forget to tag us #breechesandbays when you ride!