Launched in early 2020, Breeches & Bays is an online retail shop aimed at equestrians and horse lovers. We pride ourselves in bringing you a range of Equestrian Belt Bags that are useful and handy for those who want to be able to bring their phone with them, no matter their attire. Trying to stuff large smart phones into small pockets or find leggings with side pockets can be hard, so we have an innovative solution that you can use anywhere, anytime! 


Our Plans

Here at Breeches & Bays, we have listened to our growing community of riders, and we understand - it's time for more focus on horse riding accessories! We'll be bringing you more accessories, such as tack bags, travel bags, backpacks and other unique equestrian phone bags soon.


Our Sponsorship Program

B&B is committed to supporting riders from around the world. Our sponsorship program is for unique riders who may be doing something unique in their equestrian circles - whether that's retraining OTTBs, riding with a disability, or educating people on different equine practices. We select our sponsored riders very carefully, and work diligently with them. Sponsorship means that riders do not have to pay for items, which is slightly different to our ambassador program. Our sponsorship program is currently full.


Our Ambassador Program

Our most common question! "Can I be a brand ambassador?" We get at least half a dozen of these in our inbox most days. An ambassador program differs from a sponsorship program in that the ambassador receives a commission from items that are sold through their "referral" code. We have a multi-tiered ambassador program, so that the more followers and sales an ambassador has, the more they can earn.

Our minimum entry requirements into the ambassador program are:

  • 16 and over (18 and under will still require parental consent)
  • Positive attitude in the equestrian community

We do check our applicants thoroughly, and if we find that applicants are abusive within the community, that is grounds for denial or cancellation. At B&B we want to foster positive people and create a sense of support and love!