Unique Christmas Gifts For Equestrians (Horse Girls!)

Horse girls are notoriously hard to buy Christmas gifts for. Why? Because most of our tack is specially made, sized-to-fit, rather expensive, and discipline-specific (Ain't no western boots going on that dressage gal, ya hear?)

christmas gift for horse lady

Unique horse gift for ladies...

So if you're stuck trying to find something for your horse-mad daughter, sister, wife, or even mother, then look no further! Breeches & Bays offers a range of stylish and purposeful belt bags for your special one. Our bags are made especially for riders, so that they can safely carry their phones with them out on the trail or at the beach (or anywhere, really).

It's also a great horse gift for teenage girls too!

Teenagers. Phones. Horses. Need we say more? Our riders understand how frustrating it is to be sticking phones down the side of your boot or in your bra, or having to buy specific tights that have a phone pocket which is still slightly awkward...

christmas gift for horsey teenager

What to get a horse girl for her birthday?

Got your Christmas shopping sorted, but there's a birthday coming up? Have a browse and see what you think. We also do gift card options so you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong style or colour!