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How does it work? Ambassadors get unique discounts off of products and are able to also share certain discounts with their followers and friends. The more products that are sold using your discount code, the bigger your personal discount code will become, and the bigger the discount you'll be able to offer to your followers as well. Win win!

Terms & Conditions.

We do our best to vet each and every ambassador that we accept. Our terms are very simple:

1: ambassadors must be 18 years old and over and -

2: they must be a positive entity in the equestrian community.

Negativity can see ambassadors stripped of their status and discounts. Negativity includes bullying, derogatory comments, and anything that could be found offensive, contains nudity, or encourages violence, drug use or alcoholism.

Please include your relevant social media profiles in the Message section below, and why you think you'd make a good ambassador.