Horses aren't a hobby, they're a lifestyle

Lockdown has taught us some important lessons.

It has been an amazing year for reflection and concentration. For most of us, we've been locked down in one way or another. We've had financial stresses and pressures, studies, families, and work to try and navigate - all from home, or from strange new office setups where we're all behind masks and glass windows.

For us equestrians, life at the arena probably didn't change much. For some of us, life was hardly any different - some of us even got to ride more than we usually do. Here at Breeches & Bays, we spent a lot of time getting back to basics and really appreciating how amazing our equine partners are. And that is what they are - partners, who actively choose to do as we ask, despite having all the power to say NO.

The power of no is important...

As the world is becoming more woke by the minute, ad we actively teach our women and children about the ability to say 'no', whether it's no to an unwanted hug or no to an intimate encounter, some of us have also been realising that 'no' is a term our horses should also be free to express.

Let's be honest - a lot of horses do say no, but how often do we listen? We drive on persistently and often overlook this. While we also must bear in mind our end goals, such as fitness and health, every now and then we should accept that our companions can also have bad days, off days, and days where they really aren't wanting to do that next step. It's okay to let them say no, give them a pat, and call it a day.

And we musn't take their 'no' personally - a horse does not have the emotions we do, he does not want to say no to upset us or spite us, he simply says what he genuinely feels. Frequently, we have allowed our horses to say no, and the next day, they have bounced back with a resounding 'yes'! 

So without getting too long-winded, take the time in your lockdown to listen, reflect, and accept...